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CEO Message

World Best TMOS!
The business that create dream with the customers.

'I express my deepest gratitude for your visit to our homepage.'
It is my great honor to introduce TMOS company and its personnel that exert consistent efforts to build an excellent business specializing in premium module production.
The TMOS has paved only one path for the development of technical competence and enhancement of production capacity in the shipbuilding equipment industry. Since its establishment in 2014, TMOS has been the standard of the world-class shipping industry of Korea.
'Guided by the motto'
‘Always think ahead and exert the best efforts,’ our company intends to become the world’s best business specializing in land and marine modules. This goal can be achieved by having the best technology and competitive edge in terms of product quality.
Furthermore, we conduct our business based on the following aspects: consciousness innovation; human respect; design innovation to establish competitive edge; responsible management for internal growth; productivity innovation; quality management for customer satisfaction; and technology innovation and investment.

TMOS Industries Co., Ltd.
CEO Kevin Kim