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About US

History of TMOS

It has been about 4 years since the establishment of TMOS. The pioneering days of TMOS were full of challenges and passion towards a bright future. Starting from a small factory about 33m2 in size TMOS has grown to become a medium enterprise in about 4 years. At present, the industry recognizes the accomplishments of TMOS. These accomplishments resulted from the passion and unity of all TMOS personnel, in addition to the quality innovation and customer-centered management strategy that have been consistently invested in the company. The achievements realized by TMOS will be further surpassed through the implementation of ‘better life values’ and concept of ‘a business that pursues happiness.’ In order to observe these, we promise to create the best values and pursue harmonious growth based on human respect and family-friendly management. These ideals are close to the principles of national development and prosperity of mankind; therefore, we are determined to face and accept such serious responsibility.


The world’s no. 1 in the module unit of the shipbuilding industry

For the first time in the world, TMOS adopted the concept of ship modules with the idea of ‘production of a part of a ship through modules’. This innovative concept has contributed to the enhancement of productivity in the shipbuilding industry. In the past 4 years, TMOS has realized remarkable accomplishment through strong innovation and indomitable spirit. The expertise of TMOS has been recognized beyond the local market and has conquered various overseas markets including those in American and European countries. Even at this moment, TMOS is writing a new chapter in the shipbuilding industry’s history The challenges for TMOS’s growth and transformation will continue this year. All TMOS personnel are reformers and pioneers who actively promote new businesses in related industries such as marine and land plants, LNG fuel propulsion system, and ballast water treatment system. These major areas are expected to lead the future growth of TMOS in order to achieve our dream. .


Selected as the ‘Best Family Friendly Management’ by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs

As the purpose of one’s life is to be happy,a business also dreams of happiness for the world. If the external goal of TMOS is to be the best module company,its internal goal is to ‘give happiness’ to our employees and customers. All personnel of TMOS group of companies aim to contribute joy to mankind and the whole world through creative and innovative technology. TMOS has a unique and passionate approach in providing happiness to employees and customers; it pursues a virtuous cycle that promotes business growth through employees’ happiness. All personnel exert their utmost efforts to cultivate powerful but warm-hearted teams in the company. Based on such values, the TMOS group of companies promises to be a capable global leader that can develop partnerships with other businesses and the local communities as well.


Total IT Solution

TMOS Co., Ltd. is the only company to provide Total Solution for Ship Design & Marine Engineering and Highly Integrated Management Information System. The main objective of this report is to present a ‘PRO CIMS for Shipbuilding Management and possible steps that could improve shipyard productivity and efficiency. PRO CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System) Implementation is provided based on our extensive and accumulated experience in shipbuilding management. From the experiences, we knew that CIMS is a key function for saving production cost and for improving overall shipyard productivity and it is always necessary in shipyard. This presentation is focused on the concept and introduction of ‘PRO CIMS’